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If you are a parent who is about to travel with kids, you are probably aware that this might be one of the more difficult tasks that come with parenthood. As adults, we all get excited when planning a trip, but when doing the same with children, the excitement may turn into anxiety. The reason behind this is quite obvious if we consider that our youngsters do not really understand the meaning of traveling. What they get from the whole concept is that they are about to visit a foreign country, go from place to place, and not be able to spend time doing the activities they’re used to.

However, if you take a different approach and make an effort to prepare your child for what is about to follow, you may come to a different outcome. When it comes to kids and traveling, you need to put yourself in their shoes and understand what they think of it. If you decide to use several methods to explain why you are about to take a trip together rather than just pack them, then you might see a difference in their behavior towards travel.

When you are not sure how to prepare your children for the upcoming journey, a little bit of advice can come in handy. FamXplor has your back with a few tips that you may find helpful!

Traveling with Kids: Tips for Excitement

The thing that will probably make you the happiest parent in the world is seeing your child getting excited about a trip. However, if you had a few unpleasant experiences before, you may see this as an impossible mission. Well, if you do not use the proper methods, then you are right. Seeing your kid being bored and unsatisfied even before setting off can really put you off and make you believe that there is nothing to do. But the truth is, there are many things to do to get children enthusiastic about family vacations!

Here are a few tips that may help you in your mission.

Talk to Your Child About The Trip

According to Imogen Rayfield, “The best way to get any child excited about a holiday is to talk to them about it”. We all know that communication is everything, so children are not exempt from this rule. No matter how young your kid is, they deserve the chance to know what is going on. That is, they need to understand why they are leaving home, where they are going, and what they should expect from the place they are visiting. Like adults, kids do not like the notion of the unknown, so they need some explanations.

When you travel with kids, you need to consider them as genuine travel companions. They might not understand fully the reason for the trip you are about to take, but answering their questions about it will put them at ease. Children, as well as adults, get their habits and routines interrupted when traveling, which may make them uncomfortable. So, talking to them before even constructing the whole plan is of crucial importance for the success of your travels.

Get Your Child Excited About The Trip

Besides explaining to your kids the whole notion of the trip you are about to take, you should also hype them up! Getting children enthusiastic about family vacations plays a crucial role in your traveling experience.

The best way to do this is by telling them stories about the places you are going to visit. Suzanne Brown, from Mompowerment, has managed to get her boys excited about a trip by telling them all about the destination they are about to see. “We talk about where people live and what they eat. I make sure to mention the language(s) they speak and the places you can see or visit like historic sites, museums, and anything the city is known for. It gets them excited to see the cities in person”.

Giving your child even bits and pieces of the places you will see is enough to awaken their curiosity. When you travel with kids, you allow them to explore something they have never seen before. Still, you need to tickle their curiosity first so they can activate their imagination and start thinking about what the trip can bring them in the first place. It is a method for inspiring wanderlust in kids and making them look forward to the adventure.

Include Them in The Planning

Part of engaging kids in travel adventures is allowing them to participate actively in the planning process. This means you should let them make some decisions about your travel arrangements. Giving them the role of deciding on some activities will make them feel important and give them a sense of responsibility. This way, they will see that they are not just going on a trip because their parents have decided to travel. On the contrary, they will create the image that this trip is as theirs as it is yours. In short, you are not going on a trip just because you want to see a new place but rather because the whole family wants to experience something new.

Nonetheless, you cannot expect that they will know exactly what they want to see. So, it is good to give them a list of options so they can decide what they find interesting. Even if it is already an activity that you planned to do anyway, do not tell them that. Making them feel included is an important part of the whole planning process. This is a certain way to get them ecstatic about the travels!

Leave Their Packing to Them

When you travel with kids, besides making all the arrangements, you also need to pack them. Parents know that this might be the most difficult task when it comes to traveling. But if you allow them to pack themselves, you will not only ease up your work but also get them excited.

Of course, you will monitor the whole process and ensure they pack everything they need. Another option is to give them a list so they do not forget anything along the way. Kelly Innes, the author of Domestic Goddessque, claims, “Mine like to know far in advance what is happening and when, but they start getting super-excited when I draw them each a packing list, and they go and get all their things ready for us to pack”. Not all children are fans of packing, but it is definitely worth the try!

Show Them The Destination You Are About to Visit in a Unique Way

Solely talking about a specific destination might not always be enough for your children to get excited about a trip. Sometimes, inspiring wanderlust in kids takes more than just a few stories about the place. If you see that your child is not really getting amused by the spot you are going to see, then you may try some other unique methods.

One way to go is by watching videos about the place. As you know, children adore looking at visuals, so there is a high chance that your kid will start showing interest in a place once they see amusing videos about it. What might be even better is to find a movie whose location is your destination. This way, they will start imagining how it will be to be at the exact place as the characters in the film, and your job will be done!

Pack Entertainment for The Trip

When you plan your trip and start packing, do not forget to think about entertainment for the road. Whether you travel by plane, by car, or by train, you will want to keep your child engaged. Many kids do not like the notion of spending a lot of time sitting in one place. However, if you tell them they can take their favorite games, books, or comics on the road, then you might spark their interest.

Part of the success of your travels depends on how they take the actual traveling time. You should try to get them excited by telling them that they will be able to do some of their favorite activities during the trip, and they will not even feel the travel time at all. You can also get them hyped by telling them that you will spend some time playing with them while on the flight or on the road. Children like playing with their parents, and it is your chance to strengthen the bonds. Plus, it is a great way to create memories.

When you decide to travel with kids, making your journey more enjoyable should be your priority. As you can see, there are many things you can do to make this happen and allow the whole family to have a wonderful time!

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